Ainoa Winery

We are two immigrants who came to Finland to make great wine. It may sound hard to believe, but some of the best raw ingredients for wines grow in the forests here. And it isn’t just us claiming that. The numerous international awards our wines have been given are proof that from the Finnish forests can come some of the best wines on Earth. The forest is our vineyard!

Alahovin Viinitila

The Finland’s first winery stroe opened up in May 1995 in Alahivi Winery. From then on we have produced the highest quality of berry wines, liqueurs, ciders and now, as the newest addition, beers.

Anderson’s Craft Beer

Anderson’s Craft Beer is a contract (gypsy) brewery founded in May 2014. It consists of two guys – Sten Anderson (brewmaster) and Tanno Pikand.

We use only the best ingredients in our beers. No extracts, flavor enhancers etc are used. Our beers have bold and strong flavors. Our goal and philosophy is to brew interesting and memorable beers. We constantly try to find new tastes and surprise our fans. Most of our beers are vegan friendly. We are also slowly moving towards having our own brewery one day.


Its not a walk in the park to run a brewery, it takes a lot of your time. You have to become one with your work to make this happen.
You have to become a Brewski. In heart, mind and soul.


Brewski is not a normal brewery.  We want to explore and set new limits for what can be and not be done. Just because nobody did this kind of beer before. Doesn’t mean it cant be done.

CoolHead Brew

CoolHead Brew is a Finnish craft brewery founded by a Brazilian and two Finnish food economists from University of Helsinki. Our brewhouse is in Tuusula, about 30 kilometers from Helsinki, right at the source of the purest water in the world.

The beers we brew are something that we like to drink ourselves. The creation process is always a combination of different aspects in life, from all around the world. Cultures clashing, inspiration from the nature, kitchen, distilleries, cocktails – all blending together for something unique.

CoolHead Brew is all about keeping it cool. No rules for creativity, no boundaries, no regrets. Keep your cool, have a CoolHead!

Donut Island

We make beers that we want to drink. Alone or in company.

Espoon Oma Panimo

Being a festival located in Espoo the third brewery introduced is of course Espoos own brewery (the literal translation of their finnish name). This brewery has been brewing their beers to carry the names of Espoos neighbourhoods, but you can also enjoy a Metro ride at their booth.

Etko Brewing

This brewery founded in 2016 has been making waves in the craft beer scene lately. They began their journey in a bathroom at Töölö where they first began to experiment with their ideas. You can now taste how their experiments turned out (awesome!). You can find tasty IPAs and Pale ales at ETKOs booth, but watch out or you may find yourself in a Full Nelson…


Fat Lizard Brewing Co.

Fat Lizard has grown from 4 person brewery to a craft-scene favourite and the bride of Espoo. Their journey began in 2014 and they’ve travelled from Topos garage to Kivenlahti and finally to Otaniemi where their brewery nowadays resides. Their latest tricks include a new Fat Lab-series which showcases more experimental and special beers.

Fiskarsin Panimo

Fiskarsin Panimo designs and brews good, balanced, and drinkable, beers from natural ingredients. A combination of beers and food plays a great role in what Fiskars’ does, all the new beers are paired with a food for the optimal combinations. In Finland we have paired food with beer for a thousand years, and it is in our very nature to do that. Therefore we at Fiskars’ want to promote this; beer fits whether you are having a fine dinner or sitting around a campfire.


HIISI, established 2013, is a craft brewery whose principles behind the actions are self-centered; We want to brew what we want to drink ourselves.

We are hobbyists who value the taste and experiences  in beer above all else. We consider beer to be, instead of thirst quencher or an easy buzz, full of vivid and nuanced tastes which form a well balanced experience for the senses.

Humalove Brewing

Humalove Brewing is turning three years old around the same time we celebrate third Ota Olut. Coincidence? Humalove Brewing has promised to bring their A-game to the festival. This brewery founded by 4 friends is a gypsy brewery and they brew most of their beers at UG Brewery. This year these guys have been brewing loads of new beers this year so be sure to check them out.

Kuura Cider

We make Real Ciders from Finnish apples, paying respect to European cider tradition. In our bewerages you can sense and taste the special nuances of finnish apples’, and we are doing our part to promote cider culture that focuses on the natural ingredients and taste.

Kyrö Distillery Company

Like many great ideas (and half of the Finnish population), the idea for Kyrö Distillery Company was conceived in a sauna by a group of friends with a shared love of rye whisky.

We are proud to be the world’s northern most gin and whisky distillery producing the finest single malt rye whisky and rye gin.

Laugar Brewery

Rebel beers. Brewed in the name of malt and hop

Level Eleven Brewing

Level Eleven Brewing is a Finnish gypsy distillery. Our hometown is Helsinki, we brew in Lohja and store our bewerages in Fiskars. A long series of prototypes and testing has led us to open our own company in 2018 and now we are ready to scale up and bring our beer to a wider audience.


Maistila is a craft beer breewery led by two brothers.

The story behind the brewery is that one of them was in Denmark, drinking in a beer festival on a sunny day when he got the idea. The large selection of beers and the easy-going atmosphere had done its job and it was time to give a brother back in Finland a call. It went approximately like this: “Hey, I know what we are going to do.” And the answer: “Sounds good.”


Olarin Panimo

Olarin Panimo has also moved from their original hoods of Olari to Otaniemi. They also polished their looks and have been brewing awesome new beers this year. You can explore the Hazy Hoodz of NEIPA as well as have your dibs on the cacao nibs at Olaris Booth.

Panimoyhtiö Tuju

In deep Etelä-Karjala there is Panimoyhtiö Tuju oy. We are a small brewery established in Lappeenranta on year 2015 and our mission, and passion, is to take brewing premium craft beer back to Lappeenranta.

Our hardware is iconic Brittish quality with full volume of 500 liters. Our process is natural and the results are godly. You have to try them in order to comprehend them.

So why do we do this? Simply because we can. We have the skills. Because we want to produce quality and share the said quality, share the experience that keeps us coming back again and again to find something even better.

Rocking Bear Brewers

The brewery started off as a gypsy brewery, making their beers in other breweries and with other people’s hardware. However, in 2015 Rocking Bears decided to take their operations to next level and got their own hardware.

At first we made our brews easy to drink and very approachable, everyman’s beer if you will, and strayd clear of “Hop Head” -style beers. Nowdays the recipes focus on hoppines of the beers, that’s what we like to drink anyways, and customer feedback told us that we were too easy at the start anyways.

Ruosniemen Panimo

Beer is not JUST beer. Beer is not just “a pint of the same”. It’s not just the alcohol volume in it, the bureaucrats playing their politics or your early death. Beer exists to produce happiness and pleasure. It’s made with passion and impeccable skill of engineers. It has been a part of Finnish culture for thousands of years and you have the permission to enjoy it.

Sidrería Gurutzeta

Spanish cider made with passion.


We make our cider in the heart of herefordshire. Selecting the best fruit from the beautiful orchards to create the unique taste of Snailsbank cider.


Sonnisaari brewery is known for its diverse and often changing beer selection. We try to keep all beer enthusiasts happy by brewing all the time something new and keeping various beer styles available. With our creative yet thorough craftsmanship we wish to ensure that only top-notch beers pass our brewery doors.

Sori Brewing

Sori Brewing is located in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Backed by crowdfunding investors, Sori Brewing is on a mission to make the world more fun with better craft beer. Started by two Finns who moved away from their home country to brew without compromises. Not far, but far enough to make it count. Together with an amazing team, these guys are dedicated to bring you joy in a form of craft beer.


Tanker brewery began with three homebrewers’ common hobby that grew out of control. Jaanis and Ryan brewed beer together in Jaanis’ garage. Spending hours and hours tinkering with recipes and building up a growing fan base of friends and family. The idea of building a brewery was born.

Tempel Brygghus

Uppsala based small brewery focused on speciality beers.


A ciderhouse from maybe the Northest part of Spain. A bewerage that’s been specially picked for the pleasure of our visitors.