Friday 30.8. 15-24
Saturday 31.8. 12-24

Last call comes 30 minutes before the event closes on both days.

PLEASE NOTE! The event is strictly prohibited from anyone under 18! This includes infants and toddlers!


Easiest way to arrive to the event is by metro. Get out at the Aalto University station and head towards “Tietotie”. The festival is located behind the parking lot behind Fat Lizard. There is roughly 100 meters from the metro station to the festival area. Busses 111, 510 and 550 also come close to the area.


Pre-sale tickets can be bought online for 10 euros to the festival. Tickets at the door cost 10€. Pre-sale ticket can be bought at Please note that you have to buy at least the entry ticket online, and then optionally buy value to a pre-loaded CoreGo card (formerly Seamchip-card!).


Those who have bought a pre-sale ticket use the same entrance, but have their own till for faster queuing. The till is located to the right of the entrance.


When arriving to the area, you must get the official payment card of the festival. Payments are made with a CoreGo-card (formerly Seamchip-card!) at the festival. The card works via contactless payment at the food and beverage booths.

If you do not have a pre-sale ticket, you will pay the entrance fee at the till, and you will load the amount of your choosing to the card.

We recommend purchasing a pre-sale ticket and a pre-loaded card online to reduce the queuing time to the festival.

The card can be loaded in a separate charging point at the festival area or with your smartphone.


“CoreGo tili” is an application that can be found in Apple Store and Google Play store. This application can be used to load value to your CoreGo-card. You can also move money from the card back to your bank account. The deadline to moving your money back is Sunday 1.9. 23:59.


If you want money from your Seamchip card back, you can either receive it by cash at the event or you can use the “CoreGo tili” application. The deadline for using the application is Sunday 1.9. 23:59.


Next to the entrance, there is a guarded cloakroom for immediate storing needs. You are not allowed to bring the following to the event: liquids, drinking glass, blades/knives, guns etc. There is also an unsupervised cloak room at the area, where you can leave your items. You are allowed to bring a water bottle to the event.


At the entrance, you will receive the official Spiegelau glass of the festival. This year the glass is the elegant Spiegelau Tulip-glass. The glass is yours to keep. Do not bring your own glass to the event!


Next to the exit, there is a glass park. You can leave your glass to the glass park when you leave the event. You will receive a glass park card, with which you can redeem a new glass the following day. There is no deposit in the glass.


There are beer leaflets at the event, where you can find the different products of the breweries.
The tap list can also be found online here


There are 5 food joints at the festival. There are also water points at the festival, where you can get water and wash your glass. Remember to drink water!


Breweries and restaurants define the prices of their products themselves. According to prior festivals, beers have been 3€/6€ (1.5 dl/3 dl). Ciders, long drinks and wines: 5-9€ depending on size. Food is approximately 5-14 €, with the most expensive dishes being “big enough”!


Saturday 20:00:

Singalong. 1 Finnish song. Tommi Läntinen. Via Dolorosa. You do not want to miss this. The spectacle is held at Fat Lizards booth 20:00 sharp.


There are two designated smoking areas at the festival. Smoking anything (including eCigarettes) is prohibited anywhere else.


There are trash cans at the festival area. Please take your trash there, and do not leave it to the tables, chairs or the ground at the festival. Thank you!


There is one WC area at the back of the festival area. There is also one accessible toilet located in the area.


There are pictures and videos taken at the festival. This can be used for marketing the event in the future. If you do not want your picture taken, please ask the photographers to delete pictures regarding you. Images published in social media can also be requested to be taken down.