Tickets can be bought at the entrance or effortlessly on Seamchip online store. The online tickets bought in advance cost 10€ ( + bought credits on the card) and 10/12€ at the entrance (one-day/two-day ticket).

To celebrate the beginning of ticket sales, we are selling tickets with early bird prices until 19.7.! We are offering a two euro discount on the entrance fee for the early bird tickets. meaning that the entrance ticket to the event can be bought for 8 euros, an entrance ticket and 15 euros of Seamchip card value costs 23 euros and an entrance ticket plus 30 euros of Seamchip card value runs for 38 euros! All tickets include a Spiegelau Tulip glass.

This year we are also selling group tickets (10 people or more), table reservations (5 persons or more) as well as 45 minute beer tasting sessions run by a beer expert (5 persons or more). Inquiries regarding these can be made to!

All payments within the area are handled with Seamchip system, which you can load with as much money as you want.
The tickets bought from the internet include a preloaded Seamchip card with the amount paid during the purchase.