Good morning,
Thank you for coming, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the festival!
If you still have any left over value on your Seamchip card, you can withdraw it today only (2.9.) using the Seamchip application on your phone. You will need your Seamchip card and/or the PIN code on the card (for example “SC123123123”).
1. Download the Seamchip app from Apple store or Google Play
2. Register with phone number
3. Choose the Ota Olut -event
4. Choose “connect identifier”
5. Enter the PIN-code from your card
6. Choose “request a refund”
7. Follow the application’s instructions
8. The refund will be visible in your bank account on 6.9.
PS. Have a nice hangover!


Tickets are 10€ from the internet and 10€ (1 day)/12€ (2 days) from the door. The ticket includes entry and a Spiegelau beer glass.
All tickets from the internet include 2 days.

All payments within the area are handled with Seamchip system, which you can load with as much money as you want.
The tickets bought from the internet include a preloaded Seamchip card with the amount paid during the purchase.

One ticket from the internet costs 25€ , this includes a ticket, a glass and a Seamchip card with 15€ cash-value.
One ticket from the door costs 10€, this includes a one-day ticket, a glass and a Seamchip card with no preloaded cash-value.